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Hello there;

Welcome to my personal website, or should I say blog?
Here you will find information about my daily life, I am just starting my journey into the world of coding, so I’m sure that there will be a lot of that. Be sure to check my videos on my YouTube channel @WilkinSantanaVideos.

Let’s talk a little about me; I am from the Dominican Republic and the United States. I am currently serving in the US Military. I enjoy having an active life, running, working out at the gym, biking, etc. I am really passionate about technology and gadgets, probably a little too much.
As I’m writing this (13/05/2017) I am currently serving my second tour in Afghanistan. I can’t tell you it has been easy, but I feel pride in serving my country, and if duty calls me once more, I would answer it in a blink of an eye.

Things you can expect to pick up along this blog

Reviews about gadgets, technology, and coding.
Exercises and ways to keep yourself healthy.
Random videos about my everyday life.
Videos about Zoey.
Translations to Spanish.

Please bear with me, I will try posting updates as much as I can but keep in my that I’m in the military, active duty. Sometimes the military can utilize all of your time.

Wilkin Santana

Coming Soon..!



Coming Soon..!

Coming Soon..!