The New Personal Drone That Can Lift Up To 100 Kg Is Perfect For Skydiving

Many of you readers don’t know, but I am a huge fan of personal drones, in fact, starting with a DJI Phantom 4, to a Walkera, and another 3 self-built ones, I own a total of 5 of these births. This is why I got so excited when I saw that a company in Latvia just created a drone that can lift up to a 100 kilograms.

Aerones is a Latvian company that specializes in drones that can carry really heavy weights — up to 100 kilograms, according to the company’s website. If their name sounds familiar to you, it’s because they came up with the brilliant idea to tow a snowboarder with one of their drones last year. Today, the company has used up that idea a step further by utilizing one of their drones for skydiving.

In the video, Aerones starts its 28-rotor drone from a pond, then picks up skydiver Ingus Augstkalns off of a tall tower before flying to a peak of 330 ms. From there, Augstkalns let’s go and parachutes safely to the earth.

While most commercial drones are pretty modest, we’ve recently taken in bigger ones designed to take people or so. YouTube star Casey Neistat took to the skies back in December using a custom, 16-rotor drone to start snowboarding, while a team at VertiPod built one of their own in 2015.

Aerones’ stunt is a neat demonstration of the capabilities of a heavy drone. Sure, it could be used for sports, like droneboarding or skydiving (dronediving?), and if you’re nowhere near an airport or tall cliff, it could be a safe path to make your adrenaline fix. The company doesn’t appear to be pointed only at leisure activities, however: it’s posted up videos highlighting its drones doing everything from firefighting to rescue operations.
The following video shows a fantastic demonstration.


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