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1605, 2017

Train Insane or Remain The Same 

Train Insane or Remain The Same. A saying I came to hear from long ago, but that never got to understand until now.  I'm 38 years old, yeah, you read it right, 38. The way I translate that is (Train Insane or Remain The Same) "entrena duro o te  pondrás maduro". Basically, mean; train hard or you will grow old. It's awesome when I watch people around my age, who looks at least 10 years older

1305, 2017

The New Personal Drone That Can Lift Up To 100 Kg Is Perfect For Skydiving

Many of you readers don't know, but I am a huge fan of personal drones, in fact, starting with a DJI Phantom 4, to a Walkera, and another 3 self-built ones, I own a total of 5 of these births. This is why I got so excited when I saw that a company in Latvia just created a drone that can lift up to a 100 kilograms. Aerones is a Latvian company that specializes in drones that can carry

1105, 2017

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